The Seed Commons
Commons /kɒm'ənz/ n.
Definition: land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community


The Online Seed Commons is a living seed bank that resides in your homes throughout the watershed. Other than its Internet presence, The Online Seed Commons is in fact a very traditional approach to seed saving and sharing, and pre-dates the modern notion of a seed vault. Unlike institutional vaults, our collective seeds will continue to co-evolve alongside climate change. Each season we can continue to select for desert tolerance, plant vigor, disease- and pest-resistance, flavor, and other characteristics. Another advantage to a living seed bank is that we can actively share with and learn from each other, and document our joys (and disappointments) along the way. This isn't just a seed listing, but a bank of gardener knowledge, anecdotes, and histories.

How does it work?

Members share their seeds (and bulbs, tubers/rhizomes, cuttings/scions, and whole plants, collectively called "germplasm") and stories via a simple Web form. Other members request this germplasm by contacting the member who is sharing it.

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Share your seeds and stories in the Online Seed Commons

In the Online Seed Commons, you can share your seeds and stories with the whole community. If you are new to seed saving and don't have any seed to share this season, but you do have information to share about particular varieties, you may still record them. We are building a knowledge base, not just a place for seeds!

See what others are growing in the watershed

Want to know what to grow? Need seeds? Soon you can find out what's growing in the watershed and in Southern Arizona.