A list of safe seed sources
(and other germplasm)

Below are local and national sources of seeds (also bulbs, slips, tubers, corms, crowns, cuttings, and plants) to aid you in your quest for a genetically diverse garden. We have restricted this list to sources who offer open-pollinated germplasm (no hybrids), and who have taken the Safe Seed Pledge (and/or steer completely clear of all GMO and Monsanto-owned varieties).

Seed Exchanges and Swaps

Seed exchanges and swaps facilitate direct swapping from one gardener or farmer to another. This is seed sharing at its core level! These organizations are devoted exclusively to direct member-to-member seed sharing (and all have searchable online databases):

These organizations hold occasional community-based seed swaps in Arizona:

Seed Libraries

While seed libraries lack the human aspects of face to face swapping, like seed banks they are able to host a wide variety of seeds on an ongoing basis. As with community-based seed exchanges and swaps, selections are locally grown and saved and thus constitute a collection of varieties suited to the region. Ideally each variety that is checked out is replenished by each patron later in the season. Arizona has a growing number of seed libraries:

Seed Companies

Seed from the small businesses and organizations below should yield plants and fruits that are true to the parent type. (Heirloom fruit trees and certain other plants, including many herbs, are normally reproduced vegetatively.) Below we try to note the name (with a link)  and location of each company, the scope of germplasm offered (and any specialties), where the seed is grown, and whether the company is an actual seed grower or a re-seller:
  • Adaptive Seeds Oregon - open-pollinated and endangered heirloom vegetable and herb seeds. Specialties include rare, short-season varieties. Grown in Oregon by Adaptive Seeds. Seed growers.
  • Aravaipa Heirlooms Arizona - Certified Naturally Grown™ (CNG) open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable and herb seeds and starts. Specialties include endangered (Ark of Taste/RAFT) and desert-tolerant or regional varieties, Mexican tomatoes and peppers. Grown in the Sonoran Desert by Aravaipa Heirlooms. Seed growers.
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. California - Untreated heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herb seeds. Grown in widespread regions. Seed growers and re-sellers.
  • The Chile Woman Indiana - Hard-to-find pepper plants (they ship). Request careful packaging or your plants and tags may get scrambled en route. Plant growers.
  • Desert Survivors Native Plant Nursery Arizona - unequaled selection of over 400 species of native (bio-regional) plants. Desert Survivors also propagates southern Arizona and northern Sonora's oldest heirloom fruit trees, part of the Kino Heritage Fruit Tree Project. Plant growers.
  • Fungi Perfecti Washington - Culinary and medicinal plug spawn and mycelia, and mycorrhizal fungi offering symbiotic relationships essential to the life of many plants. 
  • Heirloom Seeds Pennsylvania - Untreated heirloom vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. Grown in widespread regions. Seed growers and re-sellers.
  • J. L. Hudson, Seedsman California - Wild and cultivated vegetable, flower, herb, tree, succulent, and cacti seeds from around the world. Grown in widespread regions. Seed growers and re-sellers.
  • Native Seeds/SEARCH Arizona - Open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, grain, flower, herb, tobacco, and cotton seeds. Specialties include land races from native peoples of the American Southwest and northern Mexico, including squash, corn, beans, peppers, and more. Most varieties are grown in Arizona by Native Seeds/SEARCH. Seed growers and re-sellers.
  • Peace Seeds and Peace Seedlings Oregon - Untreated wild and heirloom vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, tubers, corms, bulbs, and crowns. Alan Kapuler's specialties include obscure food plants such as oca and yacon, marigolds, and public domain plant breeding. Grown in the Pacific Northwest. Seed growers.
  • Sand Hill Preservation Center Iowa - Untreated heirloom vegetable, grain, flower, and herb seeds, roots, and slips (and heritage livestock). Specialties include sweet potatoes and endangered poultry. Grown in Iowa. Seed growers.
  • Seed Savers Exchange - Online Store Iowa - Heirloom vegetable, potato, garlic, flower, and herb seeds, tubers, and starts. Grown in Iowa.
  • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Virginia - Untreated open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, potato, sweet potato, onion, garlic, grain, flower, herb, and cotton seeds, slips, and tubers. SESE does offer a few hybrid sweet corns and one hybrid broccoli. Grown in widespread regions. Seed grwers and re-sellers.
  • Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center Kentucky - Specialties include Southern Appalachian heirloom beans and tomatoes. Grown in Southern Appalachia. Seed growers.
  • Sustainable Seed Co. California - Untreated heirloom vegetable, garlic, grain, flower, herb, tobacco, and cover crop seeds. Some are certified organic. Seed growers and re-sellers.
  • Tatiana's TOMATObase Seed Shop Canada - Open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable seeds. Tomatoes are Tatiana's specialty.
  • Telos Rare Bulbs California - Seed-grown bulbs from Western U.S.A. and the world. Grown in California. Bulb growers.
  • Tom Wagner Seeds (formerly New World Crops) - Open-pollinated vegetable seeds. Tom specializes in open source breeding of tomatoes and potatoes. He offers many F2 to F5 "varieties," encouraging gardeners to select for regional adaptations. (Do not expect those seeds to be stable, but relish the continued segregation of their genetic traits.)
  • TomatoFest California - Open-pollinated and heirloom tomato seeds. Tomatoes are Gary and Dagma's specialty and sole focus.
  • Victory Seeds California - Open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, garlic, flower, herb, tobacco, and cover crop seeds. Specialties include A. W. Livingston's tomatoes. Grown in widespread regions. Seed growers and re-sellers.
  • Westwind Seeds & Gardenscapes Arizona - Untreated open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, flower, and herb seeds (desert tolerant). Grown in widespread regions. Seed re-sellers.
  • Wild Boar Farms California - Open-pollinated tomato seeds. Bi-color and striped varieties (with heirloom parentage) are Brad Gates' specialties. Seed growers.